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RPAA’s capacity is huge. Recent projects include: a project encompassing a wide variety of items in 15 homes, with over 28,000 items appraised, a multimillion dollar jewelry collection with over 300 important pieces, and a sports memorabilia collection with 17,000+ objects for valuation. These are just a few examples of the large scope of work we have the ability and capacity to handle. So, whether you or your clients’ needs are a home filled with artwork, antiques, silver, rugs, jewelry, etc., a small project with personal items that are important to them or a robust and challenging job like the examples above, RPAA will manage the appraisal process professionally, confidentially and smoothly.


For more than 30 years RPAA has been providing America’s affluent with the finest personal property appraisals. RPAA is the longest continually operating nationwide personal property appraisal firm, with clients in 49 states.

When personal property appraisal was a “mom and pop” industry, RPAA was the trail blazer. RPAA is the first to create educational programs for insurance industry underwriters and claims personnel and in providing continuing education seminars across the entire country.

RPAA also gives “in-house” seminars and lectures for insurance personnel (which are utilized by every major insurance carrier). We also provide an up to date newsletter for the personal property insurance industry. Perhaps most notably, RPAA is the creator of the large scale group practice in personal property appraisal, the spreadsheet appraisal format and much more. With decades of experience using the large-scale group practice approach to appraising for insurance matters, RPAA stands miles above the rest.

RPAA fees reflect our status in our industry and our level of professionalism.

The Project fees are divided into two parts :

1) An on-site fee per day for RPAA’s visit to your home. We come to you. Everything stays in your home, under your control, including your jewelry. We thoroughly inspect, catalog and photograph your collectibles. We are thorough and only book one visit per day.

2) An off-site (after the visit) hourly fee for all the time we expend in the market research, gathering data, determining the values of your collectibles, writing your customized report, and delivering it to you. There are not additional charges for RPAA’s travel time, photography and follow-ups with you or your insurance representatives. In rare occasions, travel expenses occur; If travel expenses apply we strive to keep these to a minimum, and these are discussed before the project begins. Progressive billing. A deposit may be requested to guarantee your on-site visit date(s). The on-site visit is billed at its conclusion.

Our Team


Lady Diana, Princess of Wales “The Elvis” dress, two well-known performance costumes worn by Elvis Presley, the Duchess of Windsor Panther bracelet, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis strand of pearls (one of the most famous), the Jack Nicklaus George Low putter (used throughout most of Nicklaus’s career – likely the most famous piece of contemporary golf memorabilia and the most valuable piece of sports memorabilia to date) and the personal memorabilia collection of the late William “Shoe” Shoemaker. Referred by: Baseball Hall of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Hockey Hall of Fame, The Jack Nicklaus Museum, and the Ty Cobb Museum. RPAA is a member of The International Association of Sports Museums and Halls of Fame.


Leader in industry for over 30 years...

Insurance companies retain us to assist in equitable settlement of large and complex personal property claims. We also have a formidable record of defeating doubtful claims submissions and those based on inaccurate appraisals. For insurance, charitable donation and estate tax settlement, RPAA routinely undertakes the large and difficult assignments other appraisal firms won’t touch. Your choice in appraisers is very important. If you think it doesn’t matter who does your appraisal wait till you really need them when a claim arises and they are no longer in business. The annual turnover rate in the personal property profession is 30%. The personal property appraisal business is mostly unregulated with no local, state or federal oversight.


Many of the personal property appraisal standards the insurance industry uses to judge other appraisal firms’ work were established by RPAA, via our superior practice and extensive education work with the industry. So it is logical that we are considered “the best in our business”.



Comprehensive and effective estate plans for affluent clients may not be complete without the inclusion of their personal property assets. Jewelry, artworks, antiques, rugs, silver, important decorative furnishings, as well as clients’ special collections, (whether they be rare books and manuscripts, stamps, coins, sports memorabilia or even vintage toy train sets) are all part of the asset base.


Deciding on your appraisers should be given the same weight you use to choose legal, medical and accounting services.

A professional personal property appraisal is a legal document, a financial instrument, an asset protection and claims settlement guarantee, a consumer protection exercise; it can aid in last will and testament clauses, and assists estate planning and charitable gifting. RPAA approaches this work very seriously.

Your appraisal’s primary function is protection of your personal property assets, ensuring challenge-free claims settlement, particularly after a catastrophe. Your appraisal will be no better than the integrity of, and insurance industry trust in, the firm that produces it.

If your appraisal needs involve tax consequences please contact us by e-mail or phone for a full explanation of RPAA’s pertinent qualifications.

We have no hidden agenda – we do not auction, buy or sell property. Excellence in appraisal practice is our only occupation.



We will thoroughly scrutinize, measure and photograph your items. We will ask for all paperwork related to the items, such as sales receipts, previous appraisals, provenance, repair and restoration reports, etc.

We respect your privacy and assure you that what we see and hear in your home remain confidential.


RPAA conducts research in the specific marketplace for each item we are appraising. We usually employ the market data approach. During our research we sometimes verify the identity of some of your items. In some rare instances RPAA will suggest an authentication process be undertaken. Once the market data is assembled we apply the values to your items.


Your report will contain a description for each item or, where appropriate, groupings of items. Each item’s description is customized, specific to that item. RPAA does NOT use boilerplates, templates or shortcuts to describe your personal property assets. After the descriptions are finished we insert the photographic album, which is also a part of the report.


You will electronically receive a draft of your Summary Appraisal Report. This is a Draft only and not usable for any purpose but for your review. This review is essential to adjust descriptions, points of purchase, etc. This is your opportunity to add information and ask questions about our conclusions.


Your appraisal report is usually delivered as a PDF file. RPAA can provide multiple copies for you. Hard Copy reports are available as well upon request.

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